Monday, October 21, 2013

David's colloquium talk at the University of Minnesota

Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics David Medeiros will present his research on verb-initial syntax and linearization at an upcoming University of Minnesota Linguistics Colloquium. If you'd like to hear his talk and/or hang out in Dinkytown afterward with Minnesota linguists, here is what you need to know:

Linearization and verb initial syntax: Hawaiian and beyond
University of Minnesota Linguistics Colloquium

Dr. David Medeiros, Carleton College
Friday, 25 October, 3:30pm
Elliott Hall S204 (75 East River Parkway, East Bank)

Predicate fronting and head movement are often presented as conflicting analyses of verb-initial syntax (McCloskey 2005, Chung & Polinsky 2009). Nevertheless, I argue that both operations apply in Hawaiian, a Polynesian language with VSO word order. Drawing on previous research, I show that predicate fronting can explain a range of data in Hawaiian. Crucially, I present a relativized cyclic linearization account of VP-remnant formation (prior to remnant movement), the formal characterization of which has been heretofore lacking (McCloskey 2005). I also argue that T-C head movement applies in Hawaiian for tense features, focusing on the morpho-syntax of Hawaiian tense-aspect-mood markers. Finally, I consider how the derivation of verb-initial syntax affects verbal morphology and main-clause word order, comparing Hawaiian to Irish and Malagasy.

A linguistics happy hour will follow.

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